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Hello everyone and welcome to my website, goshopforbaby.com. I am absolutely delighted to have you here.

My baby story…                                         

So, I am a mother of four. My first three children are in their early 20’s while my fourth child is nine going on 18!

Ibi Enebi

All I needed to do was to browse through a baby  catalogue and I would feel a rush that only first time mothers can understand.

I know that being pregnant comes with a lot of joy and euphoria, I can tell you that for sure, especially for the first baby. And like any other new mum, I wanted to buy everything!

And that was shopping for my unborn child. I was out of control. I wanted everything! I shopped for my baby quite alright and being the last of 13 children, my older sisters spoiled me silly.

I had everything I wanted, from the nursery to two year supply of baby clothing, but I left out the most essential things till last minute. A mistake that should have been avoided, if I was smart and deliberate about shopping for baby things.

It would have saved me  the endless runs to the supermarket for the baby essentials that kept running out fast. My first few days back from the hospital with my bundle of joy, wouldn’t have been as overwhelming.

Hindsight, they say is 20/20…

And so, 10 years after my third child, my last and final baby arrived. I thought that by now, I would have been over the baby thing and would simply cut to the chase! But no! I was still going to make the same mistakes but for a timely intervention from a dear a friend.

Buy smart, prepare for the money guzzling consumables…

Practical Shopping For New Mums will help you cut to chase! We know that the big spending starts after the baby arrives.

Our aim is to encourage you to buy smart and prepare well ahead for what I call the wet months. I would say, to make hay, while the sun shines.

I hope that from my experience, I may be able to guide you through the most essential baby supplies you would need to have in the coming months. Essentials, I call the baby staples because you need to have more of them, in addition to your well decorated nursery.

Please  leave your comments below, thank you

All the best,

Founder Practical Shopping For New Mums.



20 thoughts on “About Ibi

  1. Hus Guy

    Never saw it presented the way you did. Splendid 👍

    1. Ibi

      Thank you very much. I am glad you found this helpful.

      1. Clara Ohwonigho
        Clara Ohwonigho says:

        Good tips!
        Keep it up
        You’re always easy to understand and your stories are interesting and relatable.
        This blog is superb!

        1. Ibi

          Dear Clara,
          Thank you very for your contribution.
          I am glad you find our tips helpful and easy to read.

          Thank you.

  2. igonibi brisibe
    igonibi brisibe says:

    Well articulated, nice one !

    1. Ibi

      Thank you very much.

  3. Sotonye Zedomi
    Sotonye Zedomi says:

    Excellent presentation, when baby comes, be satisfied with what your baby likes before stocking up baby formula. It took me a while to realise my second baby was allergic to milk.

    1. Ibi

      Hello Sotonye,
      Thanks a million for that contribution. We are going to be talking more on that in our subsequent posts. It’s very true that we should go easy on the milk until we are sure of what baby wants and other issues like lactose intolerance and all.
      Thank you

  4. Iquo Dawodu
    Iquo Dawodu says:

    Very refreshing, thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouraging experiences.

  5. Gloria Efemini
    Gloria Efemini says:

    Brilliant tips Ib,would be moms do go over the top especially the first time and subsequently in a lot of cases so your intervention here would surely make it a more purposeful and fulfilling experience. I look forward to reading more as you journey on.

    1. Ibi

      Thank you so much Gloria. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation. I am glad that this article would be beneficial to new mum’s. Thank you

  6. C Obiora

    Ibi, very informative. I wish I knew this long ago.
    Thank you and well done!

    1. Ibi

      Hi C. Obiora
      Thank you very much for your comments. Please feel free to share your experiences as much as you can. Thank you

    2. Ibi

      Hi C. Obiora,
      Thank you very much for your comment. We will be glad to hear more about your experiences in this platform. Thank you.

  7. Diogo

    This is awesome. I will recommend to my young friends who are about to start making babies. Thanks

  8. Uzoamaka

    Lovely …this did help me understand motherhood
    I know I fell into the category of mother’s that buy unnecessary things ,I wish I knew all these before but it’s not too late …thank you ma!

    1. Ibi

      Hello Uzoamaka,
      Thank you very much for your reply.
      I’m glad that you found this post helpful.

      1. MERCY EDU

        WOW! I was pleasantly stunned by this write-up of yours. Young and aspiring mums need to hook up ASAP to this blog. I saw ALL my mistakes staring at me with some visible and silent regrets. I wish I knew this then. Anyway, this information is for keeps. Well said Ibi…good job.

      2. Uyi

        Nice one, it’s informative.

        1. Ibi

          Hi Uyi,
          Thank you very much.
          I’m glad that you found the article informative.
          Thank you

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